Will Records
Will Records is a new company founded by Derrick Youman. With a desire to open doors for extremely talented artists, that have not yet been discovered and should be heard. Creating a venue that is based upon creativity, individual self expressions, and uniqueness, that may not have opened doors, to other musical outlets.

In a time when many things are said without meaning. There is one, who writes and sings about prevalent ideas in our lives. He attempts to open our minds and hearts, so we can talk things out when we run into problems in our relationships. And when we find it hard to express ourselves, to the ones we love most. He also gives a motivating source, to be true to ourselves. With these ideas, thoughts and feelings : DERYO-UNVEILS



To feel, is something that we all do. To know is somewhere in which, we would all like to go. To be, is in the past, present and the future. When all of these things are Unveiled. It is your life .
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